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What is fat freezing / cryolipolysis ?
Fat freezing, or cryogenic lipolysis, is a self explanatory term where fat cells are crystallized or frozen for a specified amount of time with an aim of reducing them. It is an effective, non-surgical fat reduction treatment which has revolutionized obesity treatments around the world. Fat freezing or cool sculpting is a US FDA approved innovative procedure to freeze the fat cells beneath your skin. Cryogenic lipolysis targets fat cells in different areas of the body that are hard to get rid off at the first place. These stubborn frozen fat cells are destroyed which then assists the body to utilize this excess fat over the period of time.

How does fat freezing / cool sculpting work? Does it really work ?
The process is started with assessing the size and shape of the fatty deposits and then marking it with skin-marking pencil. Multiple areas like thighs, arms, and tummy can be treated at the same time. The instruments needed for the procedure are a handheld applicator and a gel pad. The applicator is an instrument where the fat layer underneath the skin is frozen. The applicator hollow side is used for this purpose. Before starting the procedure, a gel pad is applied on the skin to protect it.
Next, the fatty bulge is vacuumed which gives the skin a tugging or a pulling sensation. Along with this sensation, a tingling, aching, stinging, or a cramping sensation may follow which lasts for about 10 minutes. These sensations stop once the area becomes numb and slowly starts to freeze. Fat freezing is completed in an hour and may end with a massage, which helps to break down the fat cells.

How long does it take for the results to show ? How many sessions would I need ?
Cryolipolysis crops from the science that adipocytes or fat cells are more susceptible to cooler temperatures than any other cells such as skin cells. Because of this susceptibility, after reaching the target temperature, the fat cells die which are then digested by macrophages, the most important part of our immune system. An inflammatory response is triggered due to the death of the adipocytes which lasts anywhere from 3 - 14 days. And the way our body responds to the inflammatory response is that the immune cells surround and digest the fat cells. One can usually see reduction in fat cells after four weeks of coolsculpting. Thats the time when the inflammation subsides. Results from this procedure depends from person to person however, studies have shown that on an average basis, the fat reduction can be seen between 15 and 28 percent. As the body is going through changes and digesting fat, initial changes can be seen in three weeks time.
However, drastic changes are observed in two months period. Furthermore, the number of sessions needed differs from individual to individual. It depends on the number and intensity of problem areas. For example, some clients may have three different areas that need more than 1 session. Hence, our physicians will assess and design an appropriate treatment plan.

What are the disadvantages/ side effects of fat freezing? Does fat freezing hurt? Its recommended that people with good health without any neurological or orthopedic problems are good candidates for fat freezing. The contraindication of this procedure include skin that has cuts or burns, contain severe varicose veins, dermatitis, or other skin lesions.

Who should avoid fat freezing ?
There are few conditions where fat freezing is not recommended. There are as follows
Reynauds phenomenon : Its a condition that hampers blood flow to the fingers and toes.
Cryoglobulinemia : Its a condition in which cold temperatures may cause blocked vessels. Its a type of inflammation to the blood vessels (vasculitis) that is seen due to abnormal proteins that either turns solid or gel-like in the presence of cold temperature.
Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria : Its a rare disorder seen in patients where the red blood cells are damaged due to exposure to colder temperature.
Cold urticaria : Again a rare condition where the skin turn red and itchy spots are developed on the skin due to cold temperature.
Cold agglutinin disease : A rare autoimmune disorder where the immune system mistakenly attacks its own red blood cells. Often it is seen in cases where the body is exposed to cold temperature.
Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers.

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The Inspiration is the only weight loss centre that has a 360-degree approach towards understanding the reasons why you have attained weight, and then we design a personalised road map. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach.

Ever since our inception since a decade now, we have been earnestly working towards improving our technology, methodology and approach. Our constant research and development team works adroitly towards the subject of weight loss, skin and hair treatment and the latest development in technology is introduced time and again to keep ourselves updated with the best across the world. Our team is extensively trained on each subject and we hire the best skill set.

We have Electrolipolysis, therapies, tummy tucks, ultrasonic fat cavitation, radio sculpting, and lipo laser as the available inch loss and weight loss treatments.

E-lipo mimics active exercise. It is a form of passive exercise where since the machines are exercising on your body, it will definitely cross your threshold and initiate the process of fat loss. E-lipo is absolutely non-invasive and is considered by far the best technology to give consolidated results if done at the good slimming centre.

E-lipo does not have any side effects.

The fat is eventually converted into a usable form of energy.

The results are very permanent based upon your individual case consultation we can help you with flow instructions as to how you can keep fat away forever.

We condemn any kind of diets, they not only take away nutrients but also have long term repercussions. Our Director's theory is strongly based on eating 'wholesome food'.

Since you are already doing vigorous exercises through E-lipo, you do not need to work-out vigorous, however, a brisk walk is always beneficial.

Is it absolutely painless.

In fact, this weight loss treatment is very natural, it is the only technology which stimulates your muscles the same way as you exercise actively. This technology is only to enhance and speed-up the process.

We have a wide array of technology and therapies for achieving the desired shape, a personalized consultation will precisely answer the individual needs.

Our treatment are individual and specific in each way, like we customize your needs and we give you a customized solution, based upon that you may pick a package according to your budget.

Although the intent of result is to reduce down the weight is same, our approach slightly differs for both, we strongly believe in more customized approach and know that there is no 'one for all approach' The main reason to differentiate are different body metabolism, different body structure, hormone system is slightly different, for a female a program is intended for more figure correction with maintaining leaner body curves. While for a male program encourages a toned and firm look.

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