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Acne treatments and acne marks & pits


Even though active acne and the scars and pits are teenager’s nightmare, they can very well be prolonged to adulthood. They are not only frustrating but also downright diabolical. Are you someone who has dealt with acne and its scars and still haunts in the present? Then you are not alone, acne is a skin condition who affects 80% of those who are between 11 and 30 at some point in their lives. It can definitely be a gruesome experience.

Causes of acne

The main cause of acne is when the pore of the skin gets blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. Skin has n number of pores which has follicle attached to it. A follicle is made up of hair and sebaceous (oil) gland. The sebum, which is the oil secreted by the sebaceous gland lubricates and softens the skin. However, problem arises when one of the following things takes place –

      1) Excessive oil produced by the follicles
      2) The pores get clogged by the dead skin cells
      3) Bacteria build up in the pores

Why do some suffer from acne/scars while others don’t? Many factors are responsible but genetics play a key role in it. Studies suggest that if a person who you share the DNA with has it, then there are chances that you might as well. For scars however, age can be a defining factor. Scarring is often seen when the skin loses its ability to produce collagen. Collagen has a dynamic role as it helps in the healing process. Our skin produces new collagen as it prepares itself to healing from acne. However at times, the skin produces too much or little of collagen resulting into a scar. Also, as studies suggest, acne is as inflammatory condition. So the development of a scar has to do a lot with how long that inflammation lasts. Hence, it’s important to treat the acne as early as possible.


1) Chemical peels – Chemical peels are known to improve skin’s appearance. The procedure involves applying a chemical solution which eventually peels off the skin, allowing the healthy new skin to appear. Potential benefits to acne-prone skin include: smoother texture and tone, lightening of dark spots, unclogging of pores to help prevent future breakouts, treat certain types of acne, and improve the appearance of mild scars. At ‘The Inspiration’, our dermatologists analyze and recommend the right peel potency that best suits the skin condition.

2) Collagen-induction therapy – Typically known as needling or micro-needling, this treatment encourages the skin to produce more collagen. This procedure is performed by a dermatologist who uses a handheld sterile needle roller that goes across the depressed acne scars. As the skin heals from it, more collagen is produced. Multiple sessions are needed and gradual changes can be seen. This procedure is most effective for widespread depressed acne scars.

Frequently asked questions

This is a good question. There is a vast amount of information available on the internet these days and there are different types of peels available which can make things confusing. At ‘The Inspiration’, our dermatologist analyzes your skin type and will choose the right strength peel for you and your skin type which gives desired results.

Generally, most scarring tends to leave an imprint on your skin and unfortunately, it’s the same when it comes to acne scars too. However, on the positive note, eventually with time, the acne scars can lessen in depth. What’s even better is that with the advancement in dermatology, there are treatments available that can decrease the appearance of these marks. At ‘The Inspiration’, we have the right treatment that will further enhance the results.

Micro-needling is proven to improve the following conditions: mild to moderate acne scars, pore size, stretch marks, aging skin, and rough skin texture.

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