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Cellulite Treatment in Pune

Cellulite (orange peel effect on the back of the legs) is basically hard fat.

Very often you will find our members saying that The Inspiration has best solution for Cellulite Treatment in Pune, our Cellulite Control treatment is time proven and has evolved over the years with our constant research and development in this segment.

There is no magic solution when it comes to cellulite treatment, over the period of 10+years we have understood that their is no definitive fixed protocol which should work for everyone ,thats why our CCT is more customised and specifically made to meet your need and designed accordingly.

Your Customised Cellulite Protocol (CCP ) can be of some basic therapies like CCT or in some cases may be a combination of more advanced techniques, there are several other technologies which works wonderfully to reduce down cellulite.

UltraSonic Lipolysis is effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite in the same way that it destroys fat dell membrane and thus resulting in desired inch loss.

There are other treatments also available for this problem which are like use of radio frequency waves, these are basically low powered non-invasive radio waves , the same as you use in a Radio set but of different frequency .

Radio Frequency is more indicated where sagging of skin is prominent as Radio Frequency increases Collagen development which provides firmness to skin, however, ultrasound and Radio Frequency both are effective and safe.

Frequently asked questions

Cellulite control Therapy is a set of certain techniques employed to reduce down the orange peel look of the skin due to excess fat deposits.

CCT is a manual therapy assisted with machine use and is similar to massage, however its stroke and moves are totally different which are based on the principles of Lymphatic Drainage Massage ,this therapy is conducted by trained therapists with specific moves to get the desired results. The key ingredient in this cellulite reduction therapy is our signature oils, developed over the years ,having anti-cellulite properties without any side effect.

These oils are used to initiate a process of fat breakdown. Second is the overall all body massage , this process helps to increase blood circulation and thus increased oxygen supply which is required for fat breaks down.

This manual process also comprises of few specially designed machines to break physical bond of Fat cells.

On an average time required for a session of Cellulite control therapies 45 minutes.

Apart from reducing down cellulite from the target area CCT also helps significantly in Inch-loss and is highly useful to break Weight loss plateau. Many a time it is recommended to opt for Full Body Therapy ,which is a type of CCT only as this FBT makes your body more responsive and receptive to weight loss programs and helps in body conditioning.

Your Requirement will purely depends on your current fat percentage and degree of cellulite you have .Number of sessions can be decided on the basis of what kind of results you expect, certain factors like your age and health state also decides the course of plan for Schedule a free consultation with Dr Kaur

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