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Face Radio Frequency in Pune

Are you looking out for a non-invasive miracle which could give you a firm youthful and rejuvenated look? If yes, then you must consider radio frequency.

Radio frequency ,also known as RF Treatment, is a very popular and widely accepted treatment in anti-ageing techniques. Being absolutely safe and affordable Radio frequency has become

peoples first choice when it comes to facial rejuvenation, large number of people including males too are adopting RF treatment as their regular preference when compared to Normal facials. Its a quick procedure of approximately 45 minutes and having immediately visible effects on skin especially face, you can feel tightness in your face immediately after the procedure followed by skin glow and radiance in following days .no doubt that this choice is due to no downtime and is absolutely painless.

Over the period of time due to natural ageing process collagen of face which gives us a firmness in facial structure becomes lose and other factors like pollution, stress, emotional reactions etc adds to it more in todays lifestyle and as a results of this our face loses its tone and skin firmness. This looseness of face results in early wrinkles and low radiance of face (decreased facial glow)which you are unexplained tired look on your face.

Frequently asked questions

The principle involves in the fact that our facial collagen is sensitive to a particular Radio wave or frequency, when our collagen (collagen is the substance which gives firmness to our facial structure ) is exposed to these waves by a professionally trained technician with appropriate RF machine under the guidance of expert doctors ,these radio frequency waves stimulates the dermis and results into contraction of collagen and subsequently regenerates collagen leading to the skin tightening.

RF results in skin tightening due to collagen and increased blood circulation ,all of which provides lifting and tightening effect. Lax skin gets firm and toned, and the effect is healthier and younger looking skin, while wrinkles will be considerably reduced.

Immediately after the treatment one can notice the change in the skin and the results continue to improve for weeks to come.

Radio frequency skin tightening is mainly popular among celebrities, models and cine industry due to its high efficacy and no recovery time.within last one year, it has gained such a popularity that people have replaced their 70 percent regular salon facials with RF skin tightening.

The treatment employs unipolar ,bipolar and tri-polar radio frequency probes (hand-piece) which targets the superficial layers of skin and sub dermal layers. A clear gel of medical standards is Applied on the parts to be treated and the indicated probe is used in suggestive (depending upon the skin type, texture and laxity of skin, our experts will decide the frequency, strokes and time, which our highly trained technicians will employ) movements. You may feel slight soothing warmth over the targeted areas of loose skin, cellulite, fine lines or wrinkles. Whole one session will take approximately 1 hour.

No ,till date world wide there is no side effect or any other kind of adverse effect is reported with RF treatment.

Treatment itself being safe there is no harm in doing so but if not done properly you will losing out the best possible benefits of RF and you may be left with an inappropriate experience of something which could be much better.

This technology is a breakthrough in the field of facial rejuvenation, and thus market is flooded with many service providers with different grades of machineries ,definitely there are no bad effects reported with the treatment ,but efficacy of any treatment is best when it is done by skilfully trained technician and with good quality of RF machine.

Radio-frequency is beautifully used for remodelling of collagen fibres. it can be used in different modalities to cater to various indications of face and body like facial rejuvenation, fine line removal, postnatal tummy reduction, cellulite, saggy skin.

Visible results are experienced immediately after the session how ever one may require 4-6 sessions depending upon the indication. Initially in severe cases we can recommend sessions 7 days to 15 days apart in a set of first 3 and latter on this duration can be extended to 1 month to once in a 2 months time. After that as and when you require ,as a best practice people do it 2 days before attending any function ,and they never come back without compliments.

All ages and all skin types are suitable for this treatment.

As we age, the production of collagen synthesis eventually ceases resulting into lose saggy skin, the only effective way to get the skin firm is by production of more collagen, that is exactly what the radio-frequency treatment does. With subsequent sessions of radio frequency lax skin gets firmer and more toned, not to mention Younger healthier and absolutely rejuvenated.

As already mentioned that this is very safe treatment and does not create any kind of dependency on the treatment as it promotes natural process of collagen synthesis ,in case if you can not avail Rf treatments later nothing will happen ,you will follow a course of your natural process of ageing ,in fact delayed signs of ageing.

Well thats a wonderful question, both of these technologies works on collagen however there is a huge difference in both of them .

1.RF works with the principle of the Collagen remodelling, while HIFU works by collagen re-synthesis.

To explain this more I would like to give an example to you, lets say we have to redo the interiors of a room for beautification of it , Now we have two options ,First is to rearrange the furniture artefacts and other existing things in different ways, refurbishing the existing one, rearranging them again and thus changing the look and feel of the room .Second option is to buy some of the new stuff in addition to the existing one and then redoing the whole interiors of the room.

So in the first case its like RF and we are remodelling the collagen to the most possibly limits, and the second case is like doing HIFU where we are bringing in new collagen by initiating re-synthesis of the new collagen.

2.RF is completely non-invasive with absolutely no downtime or post treatment recovery time, while HIFU is minimal invasive treatment and highly skilled and qualified doctors are required to complete the procedure .

3.RS takes only 40 to 45 minutes for one procedure, H I F U is a procedure which takes approximately 2-3 hours

You can notice glow on your face immediately after RF , but after H I FU you can experience I little and minimally redness on the face for few hours and gradually in few weeks you can notice remarkable difference after H I F U treatment.

RF treatment can be done once in a month or twice a month as per the need its effect lasts for two weeks to 6 weeks depending on your individual response. Where in case of H I FU treatment is done only once an effect of this treatment lasts for 1-2 years depending on the individual response.

No, we cant compare these two treatments as both the treatments have their own indications, what shall work you will depend on various factors like ,your age medical condition and other factors which our doctors can suggest you better after meeting you. Definitely H I F U is the advanced version of RF you can say but HIFU has a reduced efficacy in elderly people say 60+ where bodys capacity of collagen re-synthesis goes down, in such cases RF gives better results.

One should not conclude that at HIFU is of no use HIFU is considered as wonder treatment if done correctly on the right candidates, with the right Skills.

In case you are doing this sessions first time will shall appreciate if you can fix u a prior appointment with our experts for you assessment .

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