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Thread lift is a procedure to tighten the skin, it is a wonderful alternative to a surgical face lift. Being lesser invasive and with minimal to no downtime, it is a procedure opted for various indications of face uplifting.

It is a procedure where temporary sutures are made to give a visible lift to the facial skin. Many people do not prefer to opt for surgical measures, for those, this alternative is incomparable. Instead of cutting and removing the skin surgically, here the skin is tagged with surgical threads, which gives the face a very lifted impact.

Based upon the indication, it is used over the forehead, cheeks, jawline and neckline. It may be done singly or in combination with fillers. Our team of experts analyses each patient and explains all the probable treatments cost involved and probable outcome of each procedure.

Thread Lift Surgical Face Lift
No Hospitalization Requirement Hospitalization Requirement
No Heavy Sedation Needed Heavy Sedation Needed
Minimally Invasive Invasive Procedure
More Affordable Comparatively Expensive
No Heavy Painkillers Needed Post Procedure Painkillers and Course of antibiotics needed Post Procedure

Frequently asked questions

When the medical-grade threads are inserted under the skin, they not only pull the loose skin up but also starts the “healing response” of the body by initiating a large amount of collagen remodelling on the treated area.

This works beautifully on the overall look of the skin since collagen plays a vital role in anti-ageing.

Collagen supports the production of “growth Hormones” which play a significant role in the appearance of skin. Collagen helps in wound healing and adds volume to our skin, making it appear very supple. As we age, the collagen production reduces in our body, which is a the reason behind progressive ageing.

Precautions after thread lift

For a week to two weeks after the procedure, one should avoid rigorous facial massages. Try to sleep on your back to avoid putting direct

weight on your face while sleeping for at least 2 weeks post-procedure.

Thread lifts are performed under local anesthesia, making it comfortable for the individual. There may be mild scarring, soreness, redness post-procedure which settles down soon, no heavy painkillers are needed after the procedure. This makes an individual go back to the normal routine immediately after the procedure.

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