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A post-partum period (or postnatal period) is the period beginning immediately after thepost-natal-weight-loss-250x250 birth of a child and extending for about six weeks. It is the time after birth, a time in which the mothers body including hormone levels and uterus size, returns to a non-pregnant state.

Our Postnatal Recovery Program is about more than just weight loss after pregnancy. The women who join this program enjoy the fact that they can get back into shape with our facilities.

Frequently asked questions

You can start post-natal weight loss and body reshaping program as soon as you feel that you aresettled and ready to work on yourself. If you have delivered Normally then you can start after 3 months of delivery ,however our doctors will be the best judge to conclude if your health status allows you to undergo this program now or you stillneed to wait for a few months. In cases where delivery is through C-section then Start slowly- give your body some time to heal. Program can be opted only after healing of wounds and when other associated issues are settled.

No, Dieting is strictly not recommended in any of our program our Nutritionist will access your health status and then will design a balanced Healthy diet which shall best recommended for you to perform normal functioning.

Yes you can go with this program even if you are lactating ,this program is designed considering all these factors as prime importance, Whole program is designed into various stages where we take care of not only weight loss but also body reshaping ,which includes figure correction ,muscle toning any many more .

Where usual weigh loss approach is usually focus on calorie Negative balance and going for Rigorous exercise ,this program is totally different , there are several stages for different peoples according to their pre and post delivery health state.

Initial focus is on regaining the tonicity of muscles of abdomen and other parts rather than cutting down on calories , we use most advanced technologies to get these desired results without any side effects and without putting body into stress .Our certified Nutritionist and a team of experts will guide you through this journey of transforming you from just being mommy to smart mommy .

Duration of program is variable and depends on what we are aiming at, as we go relatively little slow in this program ,we can expect that you shall be with us for an overall tenure of 4 to 6 months.

Charges range from Rs.7000 to Rs.18,000 depending upon the type of package these program Please call us or Book for a Free Evaluation.

Or Block now and Pay only Rs 500 and get any Body shaping Treatment of up to Rs 2500 in addition to your package. If you change your mind This Rs 500 Is refundable

Definitley our program will help you in losing weight and that all in a healthy way ,our approach is not confined to calorie counting but over the period of time we have develop our own research based protocols to handle with such cases ,surely which is not the usual approach to weight loss

Yes! Surely your thyroid medication can be stopped for ever ,we have many documented cases ,where patients have been benefited in not even controlling thyroid disturbances but we have now completely stopped Thyroid medication , to handle such cases we have a separate complete wing where world class Homeopathic treatment is given to patients have any medical issues.

PCOS patient are always advised to reduce down weight as increased fat percentage also makes problem more complex, it has been documented through various research studies and papers worldwide that PCOS and Obesity has a direct relationship and almost every case responds well if a healthy weight loss done. We have special therapies which works wonderful to resolve these issues, our team have female doctors to address and understand your problems in depth.

Our program is a boon for these patients as it is totally effort less, you need not to go for rigorous exercise, despite you need to spend 2-3 hours a week with us and that all relaxing with us during session.

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