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As we all know, a balanced diet plays an important role in supplying essential nutrients to the body so that it performs effectively. We at 'The Inspiration' focus on holistic nutrition which means, eating healthy and nutritious foods that are as close to their natural state as possible for optimum health and well being. We believe in an integrated approach where our dietitians/ nutrition experts help our members understand their relationship with food by asking the right questions and discover what kind of diet works best for them, which would not only help one in weight loss but also achieve optimum health. We provide a one-on-one consultation with the nutrition experts who will help you determine and execute an effective strategy that will help to overcome any dietary challenges. At ‘The Inspiration’, we provide a personal nutrition coaching experience and that starts with an effective nutrition consultation process. This is mainly achieved by asking the right and direct questions to the client. We at ‘The Inspiration’ follow a four-step process during our nutrition consultation that includes - nutrition assessment, nutrition diagnosis, nutrition intervention, and nutrition monitoring and evaluation.

     Nutrition assessment - Nutrition assessment is a process where we interview our client with an aim of identifying any dietary problem that might exist. Once that’s been identified, a nutrition diagnosis is achieved. It's important to have an appropriate nutrition assessment so as we are able to tailor to the needs of a client. Our dietitians make an in-depth evaluation of both subjective as well as objective data provided by a client which is directly related to a person’s food and nutrient intake, lifestyle, weight and medical history.

     Nutrition diagnosis - After a thorough nutrition assessment, our dietitian is able to describe the client’s problem to which we then cater to. For example, after the initial phase of the nutrition assessment, we understand that the client has gained weight due to excessive caloric intake with regards to high consumption of fatty foods. This labelling of information comes in this phase of the consultation.

     Nutrition intervention - This is an important stage where our nutrition experts at        'The Inspiration'  use different strategies to tackle the problem identified in the nutrition diagnosis phase. Nutrition counselling and nutrition education are the key factors that play an important role in this phase. Nutrition counselling helps in understanding a client's perspective. These skills are particularly important for both the nutrition assessment & nutrition diagnosis.

     Nutrition monitoring and evaluation - This is the last step used by our dietitians to determine and measure the amount of progress made by the client. This is a reflection phase to see if the goals that were discussed and agreed on have been met.

Frequently asked questions

We, The Inspiration believe in a holistic approach. After a thorough nutrition assessment, our nutrition experts plan for a healthy and a balanced diet for our clients. We focus on foods that they can eat instead of the ones they can't. This creates a positive approach towards food in general and develops a healthy relationship between them.

This is the most frequently asked question. No, you won’t gain your weight back as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle! Once you finish your weight loss journey with us, we provide a maintenance diet - a diet which will help you maintain your weight. We at The Inspiration, equip our clients with the knowledge that goes a long way. The knowledge that helps them make the right food choices.

Both diet & exercise have a special place when it comes to losing weight. However, As per the research, cutting back on calories promotes more weight loss than later as it’s based on the simple thumb rule - less calorie intake and more calorie output creates a negative energy balance i.e. when energy expenditure exceeds intake. Having said that, following a regular exercise routine promotes additional burning of the calories that result in weight loss.

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