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In physiology and medicine, muscle tone is the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles or the muscles resistance to passive stretch during resting state. It helps to maintain posture. Loss of muscle tone causes looseness and sagging of part especially in obese cases tummy is the prime area where such a problem is experienced, retaining muscle tone helps in getting a firm and fit appearance of the body part.

Due to overloading of fat pockets and lack of activity of abdominal muscle, tonicity of abdominal muscle is reduced and it becomes loose and flaccid which gives a big belly appearance in a person. Muscle toning is an important aspect of Tummy reduction in addition to removal of fat from tummy because firmness of abdominal muscle gives your tummy a firm and straight look which is desired by all. Normally a person must do regular crunches to maintain or to attain this lost tonicity of muscle which is achieved by regular contraction and relaxation of muscles of the abdomen (crunches), which is a tedious and a lot of effortful processes. Our treatments are designed with our best-proven technology NMS (Neuromuscular Stimulation) to achieve same results but without efforts, no tiredness and the best part of this treatment are that its speed is many times faster than what you do in active exercise. For example, kind of tonicity attained by a person in 3 months regular exercise of 200 crunches daily can be attained by our NMS based Muscle Toning program in 1 month only by treatment time of 30 min per session and that all without putting a lot of effort and no tiredness.

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